What does this project entail?

The Campaign for the Lompoc Community Track and Field entails upgrading Huyck Stadium's red brick track and grass field to a 9-lane synthetic track and artificial turf field. This will help meet the needs of our students, our athletes, and our community.

Why spend all this money on athletics when our schools need so much else?

This project is about much more than student athletics, it is about providing the Lompoc community a safe and functional recreation facility that is accessible year round for community events, exercise, play, practice and competitions. All Lompoc Unified School District Students will have access to this District facility, and both high schools in the district will use Huyck Stadium as their home football facility.

Why do we have to fundraise? Why isn’t the District paying for ALL of this project?

Although the District has limited resources for facility improvements, they have allocated $1.2 million, half the project cost, toward the Huyck Stadium track and field renovation project, and have allocated an additional and equitable $1.2 million to Cabrillo High School to be used at their discretion. The remaining $1.2 million will be raised by the Lompoc Community Track and Field committee.

What is the timeline of the renovation?

The project is pushed back by at least a couple of months while technical site studies are being completed. When the studies are finalized, the School District will have to decide final project timing with the goal that construction does not impact graduation and the football season.

Are you renaming the stadium?

The stadium will keep its name and will remain Huyck Stadium.

Will the community track and field be open to the community?

The track and field at Huyck Stadium will be open to community members when not in use by the school district. The proposed plan includes being open to the community for an hour in the early morning, and open again in the evening until 10:00 pm. Community members will be welcome to utilize the track and stadium stairs at no charge, whether they choose to walk or run around the track, or run the stadium stairs. The City of Lompoc will oversee scheduling field use for community groups.

What will happen to the current donor wall at the entrance to Huyck Stadium?

Donor plaques will be removed, along with the existing wall, to make room for the new track and field event sites. Donor plaques will be replaced with engraved bricks in the Foundation of the Community Donor Walkway.

Will both high schools still be able to use both the track and field once it is renovated?

Upon renovation, both high schools will have access to and be able to use Huyck Stadium's track and field for a multitude of events ranging from athletics, fitness, music, art, and other cultural experiences.

How can I get involved?

There are many ways you can support this community project, whether it be as a volunteer, an event attendee or a donor. The Lompoc Community Track and Field Committee is always looking for ready and willing volunteers to help fundraise, assist with fundraising events, and to collect donations. Please contact lompoctrkfld@gmail.com if you are interested in joining the volunteer team.

Are there sponsorship opportunities?

There are multiple sponsorship opportunities starting at $150 for an engraved brick to $1,000,000 to name the track and field.
For more details, please visit lompoctrackandfield.com/sponsorship for other sponsorship opportunities.

How can I donate?

TO DONATE ONLINE, visit lompoctrackandfield.com/donate
TO DONATE BY CHECK, mail check made out to Lompoc Valley Community Healthcare Organization (LVCHO) at P.O. Box 368, Lompoc, CA 93438
TO INQUIRE ABOUT SPONSORSHIP AND NAMING OPPORTUNITIES or with any other questions, call (805) 736-5985, or email lompoctrkfld@gmail.com.

Where are donations going?

Donations are being accepted by the Lompoc Valley Community Healthcare Organization (a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization), a trusted member of the community for over 20 years. The Lompoc Unified School District will be managing the construction of the project.

Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes, all donations are tax deductible and all donors will receive a gift receipt with the tax ID for their records.